Salalah International School respects the privacy of the personal information of its employees, students, alumni, and other stakeholders. We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information entrusted to us. In line with that commitment, we seek to be transparent and accountable with respect to the collection, use, disclosure, and security of personal information. The following is a brief summary of our privacy practices.


Personal information is only collected to enable us to provide required services and to meet legal and regulatory requirements. Only personal information that is relevant to and necessary for the purposes identified below will be collected. The main purposes for which we collect personal information are:

  1. To provide educational services. This includes but is not limited to offering courses, determining eligibility for admission to the school, processing of applications for bursaries and financial aid, bill processing and provision of student services.
  2. To provide library services.
  3. To provide services to alumni. This includes the communication of news and events to alumni in order that the school may continue to maintain a relationship with its graduates after the completion of their studies.
  4. To manage, plan, and develop our business and operations. For example, information on students may be used to help us analyse and plan student recruitment efforts.
  5. To meet legal and regulatory requirements. This includes meeting the reporting requirements of government agencies such as the Ministry of Education and the National Centre for Statistics and Information in Oman.


The school does not sell or lend the personal information of its students, alumni, employees, and customers (e.g. for mailing lists) to third parties. Personal information is only disclosed to third parties when it is necessary for the provision of required services and to meet legal requirements. Disclosure of personal information for any purposes other than those outlined above will only be made with consent. The main examples of disclosure of personal information are:

  1. Selected personal information of students is disclosed to the University of Cambridge and to the school library in order to obtain library services.
  2. Personal information may be disclosed in the filing of returns or reports to government agencies.

There may be instances, as permitted in Oman’s national legislation where personal information is disclosed without knowledge and consent of the individual. Examples of this are where disclosure is clearly in the interests of the individual and consent could not be obtained in a timely way or where disclosure is required to comply with a subpoena, warrant, or order issued by a court or person with authority to compel the production of personal information.


At Salalah International School, we know that the ways in which private information collected on our websites is used and shared is very important to our visitors. We will collect and use information through our website only in the ways disclosed in this notice. By visiting, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice. This notice applies solely to information collected at Salalah International School websites.


When you visit Salalah International School's website, the server automatically collects a limited amount of information from your computer essential for the site's operation and security via automatically generated server logs. For the most part, Salalah International School websites are hosted at automatically collects this information and provides us with basic website analytics. Information collected includes your computer's IP address, the name of your Internet service provider, information concerning your browser and operating system, as well as the page visited prior to accessing Salalah International School's website. No personal information is collected. This information is used to perform statistical analysis of user trends and interests and to help us make this site more useful to visitors.

We collect the following general data that is not personally identifiable information: trail a user follows throughout the website, number of new visitors, number of repeat visitors, IP addresses, ISP names, browser and operating system information, etc. We collect demographic data in order to assist with our website design structure by anonymously viewing the path that users tend to take through our website to find the information they need. Salalah International School does not continue tracking users after they leave our website, nor does Salalah International School attempt to associate specific personal information with visitors. Salalah International School is only interested in larger demographic trends in order to guide future website design and handle resource management. Salalah International School is not interested in building an information model about you as a consumer.

In browsing the major portions of our website, users do not need to provide any personally identifiable information about themselves. Salalah International School does not market to minors and never knowingly asks a child under 13 to divulge personal information.

In some cases, we make use of outside websites to provide Salalah International School with a higher degree of functionality currently unavailable to us. When we do so we take reasonable steps to ensure that third-party websites comply with our privacy practices.

We do make limited use of cookies on our servers in some portions of our website, but not in any manner that could encroach on your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that our server places on a user's computer hard drive as a unique identifier. Cookies enable Salalah International School to deliver customized content to users. Without cookies, users would have to resend their information to the server every time they requested a page within an area restricted from unregistered users. Salalah International School uses cookies in this case to simplify the browsing experience. Salalah International School does not use cookies for any purposes other than what is listed in this document. The information we collect is not used to create customer profiles based on browsing history. We do not supplement information collected at our website with data from other sources.

Third parties are not privy to information collected on the Salalah International School website. Furthermore, we do not share data with third parties unless required by law to do so or when the person to whom the information belongs provides consent.

Occasionally on the Salalah International School website we offer links to other websites. When you click on links to other websites, we encourage you to read their privacy policies. Their standards may differ from ours and we take no responsibility for information collected on other sites linked to from our website.

Users that register for events or email mailing lists will receive additional announcements from us if they so desire. Opting out of these mailing lists may take place at any time and links to opt out are provided within the emails themselves.

Please be advised that this Privacy Notice may be updated over time. Users are encouraged to check it regularly.


Salalah International School is dedicated to preventing unauthorized data access, maintaining data accuracy, and ensuring the appropriate use of information. We strive to put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards to secure the information we collect online. To this end we use firewalls, data disconnection from the Internet and regular backups.

For more information, please see our terms of use.